Thursday, May 7, 2009

42 pages...

2 hours ago I turned in the final copy of my Independent Research Project. It is 42 pages long and I think my best research. I'm really proud of the result and hope something can happen with it outside of my grade for this semester. When I brought it in to the domestic workers union/COSATU office they were so grateful that I did that. They said I was only the second researcher, out of all of the ones that had interviewed them over the years, to bring the final product back to them. I told them that I really wanted to not just take their stories and leave,but maintain and strong connection with them and the organization. I think a few of the workers and the COSATU administrator/gender coordinator that I spoke with are going to come to my presentation on Saturday. We all have to present our findings to the class/the board that grades our papers. I'm so excited they will be coming to hear me,although it puts a lot of pressure on me. Another exciting part of giving them my paper: Myrtle & Hester are on the International Labor Organization's board and are working on the next ILO convention and said they want to use my paper at the convention!!!!

It feels great to be done after 3.5 long months. Now all that's left is presentations the next two days and then 3 days of evaluation. My parents arrive on Sunday night-I'm going to Langa to celebrate mother's day with my mama there,then heading to the airport to pick my Mom & Dad up. The next 3 weeks will be spend showing my parents around Cape Town, introducing them to the folks I worked with on my project, and heading up to Durban and Umfolozi park again. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm happy to share my paper if anyone has a particular desire to read it. If so,just email me and I'll send it to you.



  1. What a tremendous achievement, Lila. I would really like to read your paper, please e-mail it to me (johnh44 [at] I am incredibly proud of you. To produce such a work after losing all your notes proves how thoroughly you had internalized it. It is all the more your opus now and I trust it will open many doors for you and enlighten many people around the planet.

    Give my love to you parents,

  2. YIPPEE! Huge sigh of relief, and then the accolades pour in. Great work -- already getting terrific responses. Now you're really out there, in your field. So, so proud of you!
    I'm emailing Betsy and Jeff today, wishing them bon voyage. You will have so much fun showing them South Africa. We've been loving your photos, and I know you'll be posting more.
    Love, love, love -- YOM/MIL