Monday, April 13, 2009

I love this flat...

The flat is wonderful! We've had people over, gone shopping daily at the little Halaal stores around the corner and made a huge mess of the kitchen,I think we're moved in!

I put up a few pictures of the flat, it's beautiful and I really want to live here permanently:
Lila's travels

Speaking of living here permanently,I've been thinking about that a lot lately...what are the ethics of a young white,American couple moving in to South Africa and getting jobs? My homestay Mama in Langa told me she wants me & Max to be the first white couple to ever live in Langa(totally black township,if I didn't mention that before)...but is it ethical for us,a couple who could possibly afford something more expensive, to take a house from a low income family, just to cross the color divide? And is it ok for us to come here and take jobs that would otherwise go to South Africans, when they already have a huge unemployment rate? I've been thinking about this a lot because I'm really not sure of the issues. I do want to come live here & work here,just like I want to do in many other places around the globe,but I feel like there's a lot of issues to get through about where we'd live & work...

Ok,that's it as far as deep thoughts go for the moment.

Life otherwise has consisted of a lot of experimenting with gluten free recipes. I've perfected corn flatcakes and I'm making myself a flourless chocolate cake on Thursday for my birthday as well as ricotta & butternut gluten free ravioli. It should be exciting!


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  1. I think you raise a profound ethical issue. Perhaps you can do more for the spread of justice by organizing the black townships from outside their borders, living among white South Africans who will learn from what you do and some will join you.

    Re: your birthday -- is it #21 ????