Saturday, April 18, 2009

This week has been really great. I had a wonderful 21st birthday celebration with my friends here and my gluten free cake turned out pretty well.

Yesterday I got a wonderful phone call from the secretary general of the domestic workers union here who I've been trying to get in touch with for like 3 weeks. She told me that she talked to a bunch of workers and that 6 of them want to talk to me,so next weekend I'm going to go in and talk to these women. I'm SO excited! This is exactly what I need for my project! I think I'm going to bake them muffins too,it is a Sunday morning after all.

Not much else going on,just trying to figure out my flights home after they got changed and our academic director didn't send that info out for 3 weeks. It's cooled down a little bit in Cape Town and it's all foggy and drizzly-it reminds me of Portland.I think this weekend will be spent eating avocados, reading books for my project and just generally lounging about.



  1. Love you, baby. Glad to hear your birthday went well. All our thoughts were with you. Miss you!

  2. Wednesday evening in PDX, April 22: Being there for the election with its huge turnout must have been interesting. The BBC said tonight that there were no reports of political violence or intimidation, despite having run out of ballots, long lines, etc.

    How does it look from your vantage point?

  3. John,
    The election was pretty interesting although it'll be a while until the official results come in. There were quite a few reports of violence/intimidation but nothing major. A couple hundred vote monitors had to be fired for problems,but once again,nothing major. I'm excited to see what happens though!